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1️⃣ - Are you an Internationally Educated Nurse preparing for the CELBAN to become licensed in Canada?

2️⃣ - Have you struggled to get the required score on the IELTS or CELBAN?

3️⃣ - Are you looking for solid reliable and trustworthy reviewers, books, and courses to guide you in preparing for the CELBAN exam?

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If we could show you how to get the scores you need on reading, writing and listening without wasting time, energy and money with teachers who know nothing about the CELBAN so that you can become a licensed nurse in Canada sooner ...

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CELBAN Books: Self Study

Since 2011, CELBANPrep has been providing CELBAN Preparation books for reading, writing, listening and speaking, which are available internationally.

CELBAN Online Preparation Courses

Since 2009, CELBANPrep has been providing online CELBANPreparation courses to IENs from around the world, living across Canada.

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Whether you are interested in CELBAN Books for self-study or taking online CELBAN Preparation courses: these links will take you to individual sites where you will learn more about how to prepare for CELBAN Reading, CELBAN Writing, CELBAN Listening and CELBAN Speaking. Start your adventure here, or continue to scroll to learn more about CELBANPrep University and how to qualify.

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🍀 Imagine if you could get the scores you need on the CELBAN in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

🍀 Imagine if you could do it without wasting time, energy and money on teachers who know nothing about the CELBAN, the Canadian Workplace Culture, and Professional Communications in a medical context.

🍀 Imagine if you could then get advanced skills that you can apply to all areas of your life: especially as a licensed health professional working in Canada!

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CELBANPrep University is an app-based virtual campus where you can access: CELBAN Information, CELBAN Material and CELBAN online preparation courses.


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All of this CELBAN preparation material is available through CELBANPrep University's app-based virtual campus.

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